Hello. Welcome to my Website!

My friends and family consider me a “busy soul”. I’m not sure what they mean by that, but I love learning and experiencing new things. I grew up in Garden City, New York. Our family’s custom lighting fixture business was in Manhatten. This was an exciting and creative place to work during my summer vacations.  I earned a BSN (nursing) degree and worked as an OB nurse, which was also great fun.  Years later, after switching careers, and earning a Master’s degree in Reading, I became an elementary school teacher and eventually the reading supervisor for my school system.   Along the way, I owned and operated two specialty toy and children’s book stores and  invented a patented knitting product. My favorite pastime is writing, as well as spending time with my wonderful family, including five terrific grandchildren.

My books are geared to the 8-11 age range.  These are “my people.”  Now that I am retired, I have more time to write.  My main characters are often kids who are typically marginalized, but are surprisingly capable and very funny!  

ANNOUNCEMENT: Two of Liz Cooper’s books have been chosen by the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults to be printed in braille and sent to 4,000 blind children in the United States for free in 2021!                               Bluebell Skinks Wheelchair Kid               Mitzi Mufflin Principal for a Day