Plinky Witch and the Runaway Valentines

Join Plinky Witch, a clever little witch wearing striped stockings, in her Valentine’s Day magical adventure!

In this whimsical tale, Plinky Witch and her friends, generously offer to help Cupid complete the the unfilled orders for valentines on the day before Valentine’s Day. When Plinky is not allowed to help, she takes it upon herself to create a valentine designed to impress the other members of the Happy Broomsticks Club. Much to her chagrin, Lovey, her magical Valentine, has his own idea of what he wants to do and leads the other valentines in a spirited game of hide-and-seek with Plinky as “it.” Several illustrations feature valentines in hiding— adding to the fun.

This is the fifth humorous title in the Plinky Witch series and is appropriate for all ages.

Author Liz Cooper again weaves a delightful tale of friendship, cooperation, and problem-solving, centered around another favorite holiday

Plinky Witch reminds us to use our imaginations, learn from our mistakes, and never give up trying new things.

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  • Formats available: Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • ASIN: 1956783067

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