Plinky Witch and the Grand Halloween Scheme

Plinky Witch, a clever little witch wearing striped stockings, has a thought one day—Halloween would be so much more fun if it occurred every single night, instead of only once a year! The members of the Happy Broomsticks Club agree. They work hard to create a “forever” trick-or treating experience. Little do they know; the Grand Halloween Scheme will result in several surprising consequences.

Liz Cooper weaves a delightful tale of friendship, cooperation, and problem-solving centered around a favorite holiday. The whimsical details and charming illustrations add to the fun.. This story is appropriate for children of all ages.

This humorous book, was the first book in the The Plinky Witch Series written and illustrated more than thirty-five years ago. Author/Illustrator Liz Cooper found her old manuscript in the back of a closet, dusted it off, refreshed the ink and pencil drawings digitally, and nervously published it. It was so well-received that other Plinky Witch stories soon followed.

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  • Formats available: Kindle, Paperback
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