Bluebell Skinks Wheelchair Kid

The Mortimer Potts School SeriesBook 1

Enrolling herself into Mortimer Potts Elementary School without her parents finding out won’t be easy, but Bluebell Skinks and her sister Bonnie have a plan. In just three short weeks, Bluebell will prove to the world that a wheelchair kid can cause just as much chaos as a regular kid, and have a blast doing it. Principal Grimble and Nurse Krutsky are caught up in her outrageous antics as Bluebell’s diverse and talented classmates help her stay one step ahead of Hoops Russell, the school’s star basketball player. He believes that Bluebell is faking her disability. After Hoops sets out on a mission to discredit her, what happens next will surprise everyone, especially Bluebell.

This humorous book is Book #1 in The Mortimer Potts School Series by Liz Cooper, featuring resilient young characters dealing with unique challenges. It is sold exclusively by Lightswitch Learning and will be available in Spring of 2024.

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  • Illustrator: Maria Santucci
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Sold by Lightswitch Learning

Let's Have a Meltdown/Laugh cover

Very entertaining with an irrepressible cheer-worthy heroine

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The American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults, November 2021: The Action Fund distributed free Braille copies of Bluebell Skinks: Wheelchair Kid to 4,000 blind children in the U.S. as part of an outstanding Braille literacy program.

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