Mitzi Mufflin – Principal for a Day

The Mortimer Potts School Series – Book 2

When new student Mitzi Mufflin, who happens to be blind, joins the gang at Mortimer Potts Elementary School, she’s thrilled to named Principal for a Day. Little does she know, the real principal and teachers will disappear! Can Principal Mufflin and her pint-sized “staff” secretly run the school until the teachers return? Join Mitzi as she navigates her way through each new challenge to save the school from disaster, using resourcefulness, determination, and her cane, Tappity.

This humorous book is Book #2 in The Mortimer Potts School Series by Liz Cooper, featuring resilient young characters dealing with unique challenges. It is sold exclusively by Lightswitch Learning—scheduled for publication in Spring 2024. Please note that this series was formerly known as the Potts-Abilities.

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  • Illustrator: Maria Santucci
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Let's Have a Meltdown/Laugh cover

Sold by Lightswitch Learning

Awards / Honors

Long Island, N.Y., December 15, 2021: Hindi’s Libraries announced the winners of the first annual Females of Fiction writing competition. According to the organization, “The awards recognize outstanding female authors of children’s books who empower readers with their stories.”

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