Morris Flip – Sound Machine

The Mortimer Potts School SeriesBook 3

Have you ever heard a bird meow? Morris Flip may be autistic and doesn’t use words to communicate, but he creates the most astonishing and realistic sound effects. When a new summer camp mysteriously opens up in town, Morris accidentally learns it’s a cover for the camp owner who wants to find a long-lost jewelry collection hidden on the old, abandoned Potts estate. Couple that with overhearing two men plan a fraudulent money-printing scheme involving the camp, Morris is in a unique position to alert the authorities—if only he could talk. Will Morris be able to save the day?

Author Liz Cooper weaves a tale of adventure, diversity, humor, and problem-solving in the third volume of her hilarious Potts-Abilities series, featuring clever characters with disabilities, often marginalized in children’s literature. Join Morris and the rest of his friends from Mortimer Potts Elementary School at Camp Merbando for a wacky summer adventure!

This humorous book is Book #3 in The Mortimer Potts School Series by Liz Cooper, featuring resilient young characters dealing with unique challenges. It is sold exclusively by Lightswitch Learning—Available Spring 2024.

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  • Illustrator: Maria Santucci
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Let's Have a Meltdown/Laugh cover

Sold by Lightswitch Learning

Awards / Honors

The American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults, November 2021: The Action Fund distributed free Braille copies of Bluebell Skinks: Wheelchair Kid to 4,000 blind children in the U.S. as part of an outstanding Braille literacy program.

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