Bluebell Skinks Wheelchair Kid

Enrolling herself into Mortimer Potts Elementary School without her parents finding out won’t be easy but Bluebell Skinks and her sister Bonnie have a plan.  In just three short weeks, she will prove to the world that a wheelchair kid can use just as much chaos as a regular kid, and have a blast doing With her new friend, Frederick “French” Frye, and advice from her sensible sister Bonnie, Bluebell turns the school upside down by orchestrating an energetic student election, a frenzied disability day, and an extraordinary science presentation.  When Hoops Russell, the school’s best basketball player sets out to prove that Bluebell is faking her disability, what happens next will surprise everyone, especially Bluebell.

Join Bluebell and meet the gang from Mortimer Potts Elementary School . 

Book 1 The Potts-Abilities series

“Very entertaining, with an irrepressible cheerworthy heroine.”  — Kirkus Reviews




Mitzi Mufflin Principal for a Day

When new student Mitzi Mufflin, who happens to be blind, joins the gang at Mortimer Potts Elementary School, shes’s thrilled to be named Principal for a Day.  Little does she know, the real principal and teachers will disappear! Can Principal Muffin and her pint-sized staff secretly run the school until the teachers return?. if they don’t Mitzi is afraid that anything could happen. The teachers might even be fired and then everyone would have to start the school year all over again!

Join Mitzi as she navigates her way through each new challenge to save the school from disaster, using resourcefulness, determination, and her cane, Tappity.  

Book 2  The  Potts-Abilities series





Morris Flip Sound Machine

Morris Flip may be autistic and nonverbal, but he can make the most astonishing and realistic sound effects. He uses his unique ability to outwit a treasure-hunting duke, foil a band of counterfeiters, befuddle the school principal, and ultimately learn how to be a leader. 

Join Morris Flip and the rest of the gang from Mortimer Potts Elementary school for a wacky summer camp adventure. 

Book 3  The Potts-Abilities series.




New for Parents: 

How to Analyze and Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills (It’s easier than you think!)

Parents often ask these questions but don’t know where to go to find out the answers. Liz Cooper’s innovative book is for anyone who would like to analyze their children’s reading strengths and weaknesses, work on targeted skills, and have fun doing lt. Reading is a totally integrated process, but Liz breaks the information into easy to understand segments, shows parents how to test their children, and explain what to do with the results. 




A collection of “quirky rhyming tales” that occasionally recall Shel Silverstein, Granny’s Teeth adds in an educational component with questions for reader discussion. Overall, Granny’s Teeth will generate discussion—but it’s also just plain fun.”  – Blue Ink Review

“A fine work that should keep young readers engaged wit fun and amusing subjects while providing a foundation for thoughtful reading practices.”   –  Kirkus Review

“Retired school system reading supervisor Liz Cooper’s short and amusing collection Granny’s Teeth gathers silly stories that are told in rhymes and helps parents and caregivers turn them into wonderful learning opportunities.”     Foreword Clarion Review

“Entertaining, funny, engaging, deftly crafted, thoughtful and thought-provoking, “Granny’sTeeth” is a unique and unreservedly recommended addition to school and community library collections.” – Midwest Reviews Children’s Book Watch

“Granny’s Teeth 
A Collection of Quirky Rhyming Tales

Whether looking for a lost shoe, staying awake all night listening to a chatty set of dentures, or watching Grandpas hair fly away, the young characters in these fifteen quirky tales find surprising solutions to life’s unexpected events. The storylines are simple and funny, yet the themes are surprisingly complex, providing lots of opportunities for the sharing of ideas. 

“Think abouts” and discussion questions help young readers practice critical thinking skills.  Classroom teachers can use this as a handy resource and read-aloud.